Jul 28, 2012

Sport Love!!!

Sport is the Passion, Enthusiasm,Love,Culture, Religion, if anyone thing from the core of its heart, does it not?tell me,off coarse yes, the passion of madness &  the outcome then unbelievable isn't, tell me friends, i have too the same thought that you are thinking right now, all this only possible when you are in childhood but what, when we are elder enough then the responsibilities surrounds you so much that you after so much try,  not got enough space to make & realize other that you are still in the same phase of life that were in yours childhood, but who cares for that, you got engaged yourself in other activity, start your new career,step forward towards completely change world where you entered in completely New World, New People, 
New Friends etc.
Remembering my past when no body their to stop you, & you are engaged with you "FOOTBALL",
Just wanna to say that is their anybody to Dares,,,,

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