Apr 11, 2012

Photography Love!!!

         well that really cool to love picture,although am not professional enough to catch fine moment, still try my best to catch the eye catcher, very much enthusiastic about photography. from childhood my interest to click the pictures, for the same i tried at my college level too, participated in competition as well, but due to less money not able to purchase the required one that need to compete the others, still try my best & reach the second level.
          well all fingers are not equal, person need not to sit just crossing their fingers else tried to reach the
certain level although might be the very much satisfied as got the chance atleast to that extent for the same i have no regret that i never won the title but proud that even  i tried atleast to get that thing. People need to furious enough to get their goal of life complete at any cost.i.e. i love those things which give me pleasure & photography is one of them.

 Some of my work....

The attachment of the Auto Expo Show were i tried my hands....

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