Mar 13, 2011


Well good-evening to you all,this time i decided to choose something chilly,so taken the topic love the guns not the goons,because gun would helped a person when it required the most but goons never, they always try to pull you back towards there owned taste what so ever they like may be red chilly or hot red depends.

Today we people are so selfish that always thought about our self never mind what other wants,why people are becoming that much rude, is it some where related with, money or else,to deepen we think we will find that all the cause has the same origin i.e penny,to better live life,to better look,to better maintain standards,but don't we think it would lead towards misfortune,if want to overcome on this need to tackle goons ,but people from administrative side too help the society to curb this situation.
Most time it happens the are not able to get the result although they try hard, why it so it seems they don't want to handle the situation,

Those who are involved in such kind of activity need to be taken hard,but remember not the one who are innocent,if often happen ,i think mostly in India ,what i found that people caught are innocent when cops don;t get any victim they took some one to lockup,do you think it the right practice ,please help those who are not the part of game,rather to indulge in there game,it would lead to disaster.

Guns are the sweet one but goon required to be punished.

love gunssss.......


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