Mar 29, 2011

Fever of cricket


A Game that block your mind, made you foolish, act like an idiot, your whole body is paralyzed, just sitting on your bed, stretching your leg apart, holding mug of coffee with popcorn, supporting your team for win, make everyone mad, where people not even think beyond this, where everyone just pray for four or six, is not we called a fever? It is not the showoff but the feeling towards their nation’s team, they take it personally.
Here in India people love cricket more than any other game, they worship like anything, they called “SACHIN TENDULKER” as the god of cricket, then why not they do all these nonsense, they will do, and when the semis between India & Pakistan would made more curious than anything else.
The fever start with “world-cup” no one knows that after two decade India & Pakistan going to meet in semis, even politician can’t stop themselves, India’s prime minister send the invitation to Pakistan’s president as well as prime minister to come & watch the cricket, can we say this would lead to “beginning of a new dawn”  after the Mumbai attack the relationship between two were sour but cricket again brings both the countries together, would this is “the beginning of new era”? that lead to great extent which bring the sort of judgment for millions of people who still suffers & praying for their dear one to meet at least once.


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