Mar 7, 2011


Friend always we blame to other for such a worst situation ,have we ever thought about the pathetic situation that is creating the worst situation day by day,no we not but only blames other ,being a citizen it is the duty of each & everybody to get into a line in order to forward the nipper in such a way that leads them to the path of modesty rather pride,how far it is depends upon the citizen & should taught,although it is not that much easy but it is requested to draw your attention as it is the need of today's world.
It will only be possible when we all come forward for the noble cause,being a human it need to stop for a second & think, we always ask to gain rather to give something ,really it need higher attention but it would only possible when we  all get together hold the hand tight each other take the oath to serve all the NIPPER,as if want to see glorious country & love those who never ever got love from there dear & near one(how they feel) ,the feel only came when we seriously take the heed to come forward,it require attention,acquisition,allotment by hook & crook to draw the attention toward these.
Remember try not to indulge in any type to politics rather to put forth the cause that actually required the attention of the citizen,"BECAUSE we are HUMAN first rather CITIZEN",empathy in his/her sense.Being a parents, son brother,mother,daughter,but above all the Human,THINK BEFORE IT GOT LATE, AND WE ONLY LEFT WITH THE WORLDS,,,,,, MAY BE,,,,,,,

newly born
worst condition

give them smile rather cry



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