Feb 22, 2011

ALONE,,,,,,,,LAST LONG........

"Alone" it is not new to us but still echos last, have you ever thought about it,no we never think what we have but we only thing when we lost,is it so? i want to ask you a question why it happen to everyone & every time does it become our habit or we really not care for others for me it is really serious & why not have you every thing when you were alone at that time the only one who cares for you was your mother,does she love you ,really a lot  as a child you can't imagine that,but it will feel when you lost her,why people not respect & care for their parents when they required ,the same as when you required & you got too,but u never ever can justify because at that point of time you were no sense to even think a bit then they helped,but think a little if they left at that time then you would be at present,,,,,,,,

                                                        WORLD TO SAY MAY I" 

                                                       "BE ALONE"............................

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