Jan 8, 2011

love for all

Well people think that they only loved by other why not they think they too love others,can we say
a two way communication,it is not,what others think i don't know but what i think if you expect something from other to need to appear the same for others too.
this is the phenomena that one should adopt in his & her life,although it is not at all followed else i still say it all about those ,who cares for other as well.
love is not new it all related with a feeling that one have towards other whether it is formal or informal it defends but still is is of various forms,likes
a)mother-child love
b)husband-wife love
c)sister-brother love
d)father-daughther love
and many more,people are recognised accordingly,but what few feel we can't change their thinking
because those who take it for granted you can't change there thoughts.

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